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Enabling Growth

From hatching to breeding: out breeding centres bring together world class facilities,from the very best of formulated feeds to medicines & vaccines. Hygiene and sanitation levels are maintained y a specially instituted team of quality assurance experts. The maintenance of health is a critical issue in broiler farms and at shanthi, we are always exploring ways to create an environment that breeds good health. The chicks and parent chick are bred in spacious coops and care is taken to ensure that their health is always at an optimal level. This is made possible by our team of highly qualified veterinary doctors and health care specialists.

Fuelling the Healthy Cycle

At shanthi chicken, we invested in al integrated facility that comprises a feed production facility. This has helped us arrive at a highly nutritious formula to feed our chicks and birds. The facility matches a daily demands of 1000 tonnes of feed per day. The recent addition to our poultry feed production facility is an automated pellet feed mill. Equipped with a production capacity of 300000 tonnes per annum. It helps us standardize the quality and quantity of poultry feed produced. We are taking steps to ensure that our feeding unit spins