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As a Shanthi Feeds commercial broiler hatching egg customer, you not only get high quality but also benefit from its expert guidance. Hatching eggs require special care to ensure hatchability potential of the eggs is maintained till the time they hatch. Careful handling and storage is essential to the growth of the embryo.

To help you achieve desired results, Shanthi Feeds offers some useful tips to care for the hatching eggs:

  • Always place the eggs in an insulated cool room with automatic door closer to maintain temperature levels
  • Bring the room temperature to the required level half an hour before the eggs are placed
  • Maintain and record the cool room temperature and relative humidity every hour. The temperature should be maintained at 60 to 62°F and RH% should be in the range of 70 to 75% respectively
  • Maintain proper gap between boxes and between boxes and wall containing the eggs
  • Ensure that the collected eggs from breeder farms reach the cool room within an hour and a half of performing cleaning and fumigation of the eggs
  • Spray or mop recommended disinfectants for a minimum of two times in a day
  • Follow a First in First out (FIFO) system with respect to the eggs
  • Place laying cards on the boxes containing the eggs
  • Provide window gate system with a wooden door to avoid egg thermal shock caused by frequent opening of the cool room and to maintain hygiene levels
  • Make sure that the receiving and dispatching of the eggs is done only through window gate
  • Use three-tier racks to store eggs in the cool room. This allows for good air circulation and better cool room hygiene management (Including floor mopping). Also, it provides more storage space for more eggs
  • With a little care and adherence to procedures, your efforts will be well rewarded. You can always rely on Shanthi Feed’s experts for any assistance required