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MD’S Desk

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At Shanthi Feeds , our pyramid of growth is built on the fundamental principle that health creation is perhaps the most enduring form of wealth creation.

R. Lakshmanan

Mr. R. Lakshmanan, with inspiration and encouragement from his beloved father, Mr. K. Ramasamy, an employee of the animal husbandry department, Tamilnadu, started a small poultry farm as a means of self employment way back in 1988. There are no parallels what this dynamic hardworking man, dedicated to the poultry industry, could achieve in the following years by his visionary leadership and commitment to quality.

Pappampatti, the native village of Mr. R. Lakshmanan, is a dry and arid area where there is limited cultivation and the people were really struggling to make both ends meet. Therefore, giving gainful employment to the local villagers was a primary concern of the managing director when he thought of expanding the activities.