Cattle Feed

Shanthi Feeds (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneer and leader in the poultry industry with over two decades of proven stature as a poultry integrator. The feed division has production capacity of 2,40,000 metric tons per annum for both captive and market consumption. The modern plants with state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated laboratories are among the best in the country. Shanthi Feeds, in pellet, crumble, and mash forms, has earned complete confidence of poultry farmers in Tamilnadu and Kerala and this is quite evident from the phenomenal growth of the organization during the past two decades.Balanced cattle feed is a major input to successful dairy operations. Shanthi Cattle Feed, a perfectly balanced compound feed, is scientifically formulated and produced for increased yield of milk of high butter fat content. This, in turn, results in better returns for the farmer.

Judicious selection of raw materials, giving due importance to nutrient contents and palatability, helps to make Shanthi Cattle Feed a unique one. Continuous laboratory and farm testing of raw materials and finished products ensures full acceptability, enhanced production, and improved health of the dairy cow.Shanthi Booster Milk Ration pellet is ideally suited for dairy cows. Shanthi Ultimate Feed is specially formulated with high energy and by-pass protein for high yielding, crossbred cows. This feed is much superior to the quality specifications for cattle feed of the Bureau of India Standards (IS 2052).

The product quality

Shanthi Cattle Feed for dairy cows – the optimal blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals in the pelletised compound cattle feed helps the farmer to increase milk production and earn better returns.

High energy Shanthi Cattle Feed with higher percentage of cereals promotes higher milk yield, improved milk quality, and enhanced milk protein content. Highly digestible fibre in the feed helps to boost butter fat and combat fermentation acidity.

The team

Shanthi Feeds (P) Ltd has a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and their expertise is a key factor for the superior quality of the products. Apart from the committed team of engineers and technicians, the company employs 15 highly qualified veterinary doctors for research and poultry work and their contribution is a major input to growth. The whole team derives motivation from and works under the guidance and leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. R. LAKSHMANAN.

Shanthi Feeds gives direct employment to 500 people and indirect employment to another 1000. Moreover, 1000 families are fully involved in the company's integrated poultry farming operations.


The company's combined operations of parent stock farms, hatcheries, feed mills, full fat soya plant, poultry integration, raw materials trading, and other activities yield a total turnover of over Rs. 750 crore per annum.