Poultry Feed

Established in the year 1988 in a small way with a small farm of 15000 parent birds, the group has reached this position of eminence in a short period. The vision of the promoters, their untiring efforts to bring in scientific farming practices, and innovative production capabilities have contributed largely to our stature as a leading player in the field. Over the years, the Group has also brought in support systems to ensure complete control over all product parameters. These include everything right from the formulation of feeds to poultry medicines and vaccines.


Poultry feed is produced in-house for both captive and market consumption. The feed production capacity stands over 1000 tons per day. The feed production facilities are on par with the best in the country. The newly set up pellet feed mill with a production capacity of 90000 tons per annum ensures the availability of scientifically formulated feed of better quality.

  • For serving the nutritional demand (especially protein needs) of the people we at Shanthi Feeds (P) Ltd, producing nearly about one million birds since 1987
  • For the splendid development of muscles with birds we are providing highly nutritional good quality feed which was scientifically produced, formulated by our in house nutritionist and subsequently with the help of highly sophisticated, fully automated feed unit
  • We have our first unit at 1992 in the back side of our corporate building with the capacity of 150 to 200 metric tons per day; right now we have 8 feed mill units with fully automatic computerized control system
  • We are producing 40,000 metric tons of feed per month, which includes 3000 to 4000 metric tons on cattle and remaining is of broiler parent feed and for commercial broilers
  • To ensure the quality of purchase of raw material as well as finished goods, we have highly advanced wet chemistry laboratory and recently have purchased one advanced device called NIR (Near Infra Red Rays) specters copy
  • We have nearly three hundred employees are working at all the campus including one veterinarian designated as AGM feeds Dr. B.Sokkalingam and 800 indirect employees

Quality Policy

We at Shanthi feeds Pvt Ltd are reliable to produce hygienic, wholesome and delicious poultry commodities and supply them to our consumers with the right value and on time with promising service.