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Shanthi Feeds Private Limited is one of the India's leading exporter of Frozen Chicken Meat, has a strong presence in international market and have a proven track record of exporting wide range of products to its customer located in various countries like Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Maldives and Bhutan etc.

Whole Chicken

Frozen Chicken Griller skin on/skinless (Sizes : 700g to 1500g).

Chicken Portions

  • Frozen Chicken Drumstick skin on/skinless
  • Frozen Chicken Curry Cut skin on/skinless
  • Frozen Chicken boneless breast skinless
  • Frozen Chicken boneless thigh skinless
  • Frozen Chicken boneless leg skinless
  • Frozen Chicken whole leg skin on/ skinless
  • Frozen chicken wings
  • Frozen Chicken Lollipop
  • Frozen chicken Liver
  • Frozen Chicken Heart
  • Frozen Chicken Gizzard and much more ...

Pack Available

  • 1Kg Bag
  • 2Kg Bag
  • 450g & 900g Tray Pack

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