Ensuring Perfection in Practices

Our processing unit comprises the most advanced machinery imported from the Netherlands. The processing takes place in a hygienic environment, adhering to standardized methods followed in the food processing industry. Packing is systemized through automated machines and only the finest food grade material is used. Our operations are in line with GMP(good manufacturing practices) & GHP ( good hygienic practices) being attuned to comply with HACCP standards. As a testimonial to our world-class quality products, we have been conferred with the coveted HALAL certification.


Reaching out to the world

Processed chicken demands stringent packing norms. At shanthi, we ensure that the packing and shipping process conforms to stringent international quality norms. Our processing culminates at a well-planned freezing and packing facility. The unit is equipped with chilling unit that maintains constant temperature to ensure that the chicken retains its freshness. The chicken is routed through blast freezing, a completely automated facility. It is then shrink wrapped, stacked, packed and dispatched in freezer containers.

Our processing facility comprises sanitary premises, state-of-the-art machinery from world’s leading companies, trained operatives, and systems and procedures all of which combine to assure the standards and safety of our range of products. Our being certified as HACCP compliant is but one formal recognition of this capability.

A product is as good as the raw material it is made from. The genesis of this production cycle is the stock that is specially reared to be grown into a broiler possessing all the traits of good table meat, especially high yield, succulence, and great taste. This process is aided by having the growing done in our own farms or those of our associates, under the care and supervision of experienced veterinary doctors. Proprietary feed, manufactured in our own mills, ensures the well-being and health of the birds as well as the meat eaters. The plant processes 4000 birds per hour. The sequence of events that occur can be summarized as receiving and inspecting birds, hanging, stunning and slaughtering, scalding and defeathering, head severing and neck slitting, hock cutting, vent opening and intestine retrieving, crop removing, chilling, grading and weighing, bagging, rapid freezing, packaging, storing under -20 °C, and despatching in refrigerated containers. The freezing operation is bypassed if chilled product is desired. All these activities are carried out automatically, with least human intervention. The carcasses are cleaned online at several stages.

This way of dressing chicken contributes to environmental causes and care for animal welfare. Pollution resulting from noise, sight, smell, particulate matter, and germs associated with traditional slaughterhouse practices is avoided. Every part of the live bird is harvested and the inedible portions converted into usable products in a hygienic manner using sophisticated equipment. The birds are not subjected to physical or drug abuse at any stage. Even the actual slaughter is a humane operation and painless to birds.

We recognize the importance of delivering the products in as good a condition as they are manufactured. Towards this end, we have our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles capable of transporting these products in chilled or frozen states. We also have trusted logistics partners to augment this activity.