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Soya bean is the single largest oilseed produced in the World. In India, Soya bean in purely a Kharif crop, for which sowing begins by end of June with the arrival of south-west monsoon. The crop is usually ready for harvest by the end of September and start being sold in the market October onwards. Crushing for oil and soy meal starts in October, reaching a peak over the next two or three months.

Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Bhopal And Mandsor in Madhya Pradesh, and Nagpur, Amaravati, Latur, Nanded, Washim, Maharashtra are the major trading center(spot markets) of Soya bean in India. Soya bean has bean commercially utilized to produce edible oil and animal feed. After oil extraction, the by-products oil cake and meal are used in animal feed as an important source of protein.

Soya bean meal

Soy meal is the world's most important vegetable protein feed source because of its high digestibility, high energy content and consistency. It accounts for nearly 65% of World protein Feed Demand. About 98 percent of soy meal is used as an animals feed ingredient.

Soya bean oil

Soya bean oil is a derivative of Soya bean. On crushing mature beans, oil and meal are obtained. While the oil is mainly used for human consumption, meal serves as the main source of protein in animal feeds. Refined Soya bean oil is increasingly gaining acceptance as the medium of cooking in India.

Shanthi feeds Soya processing plant

Shanthi feeds commenced its Soya operations in 2004 with the main objective of procuring high quality Soya meal for Shanthi Feed's mills in Tamilnadu . Shanthi feeds procures high quality Soya seed, Soya meal from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Shanthi feeds have license to purchase Soya seed from 30 Month in Maharashtra. We purchase and bring All soya seed through rakes to our factory on day to day Market price. Shanthi feeds having Soya seed processing plant is situated at Dharapuram and Pappampatti its capacity is 400MT's (Expandable to 500MT's) and its yearly requirement is around produce 40,000mt's Also Shanthi is selling up Soya retinues plant around 100mt's.