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Triggering the Cycle of Health

The cycle of sourcing – breeding-hatching is a complex process that requires meticulous quality control and monitoring. At shanthi, we have a well networked supply chain management system that ensures that we have access only to the healthiest and best eggs &chicks in the industry.

Our parent farms are spread across multiple locations, stocking over 450000 parent birds. One day old chicks are specially procured from the famed vancob research and breeding farms, Pune. Naturally, this genetically superior breed of chicken ensures that the offspring is healthy too.

The eggs are collected from parent farms and the process of selecting the good, hatchable eggs is scrutinized using automated process lines. The eggs are then stored in cool rooms for a day before the incubation process. With uniform quality control over the sourcing pattern, we are able to deliver consistent quality to our customers and global buying partners.

Bringing forth a Healthy Future

Temperature, humidity and light play a vital role at the incubation stage. Therefore, our incubation process is contained in a hygienic facility with world class equipment. Our hatching centre comprises 150 state of the art incubators and allied facilities. Our cooling equipment maintains the desired temperature levels for eggs to be stored for the specific timeframe.

The eggs are then transported to the incubator and moitored using automated processes for a period of 21 days. The one day old chicks from the incubators are then prepared for the next stage in the cycle of growth: breeding. Our stringent grading system allows only the healthiest chicks to mature into full grown birds.